Work at INK for one day for just $25!

We fill our desks with dreamers.

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Need a space to be as weird and interesting as the things you create? Welcome home.

No workspace in Nashville can compete with the fun, collaborative, caffeinated, and creative weirdos that hang out at the INK Building. Looking for tech forward, progressive, entrepreneurial-minded jerks to work around or create with? Point your maps app to 613 Ewing Ave because we're hoarding the best ones at the INK Building.

Nestled in Nashville's SoBro/Pie Town district right across from the best damn hot dog place in Davidson County, coworking at INK has a ton of perks.

24/7 building access for coworkers means you might not want to leave. That's cool, the INK Building is the first living showroom for the esteemed Knoll Furniture. There's plenty of nice places to park it and chill whether you're busting your ass or thumbing through your social feeds.


We know you've got shit to do, and we know caffeine equals creation.

All coworkers at INK enjoy the benefit of a shared workspace with the raddest coffee roasters in Nashville, Frothy Monkey Coffee. As an INK coworker, guzzle as much freshly roasted FM brew as your feeble heart can stand; free of charge. To top it off, their hard work makes the INK Building smell fucking awesome.

If you can't cope with going home to inferior grocery store beans, (and really, who can?) adopt a fresh bag or seven at Frothy's pop up shop. They just saved you a trip to the store, you're welcome.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy: Get shit done, but chill the fuck out. 

Cowork membership includes wifi and printer use (duh), as well as booking access to our badass conference rooms; ranging from "cozy meeting spot" to "holy shit this space will wow the pants off of my clients." Coworkers are free to use our standard first floor kitchen, or if cooking something up from scratch suits the mood, floor 11 has a full kitchen with a range and oven.  

When you're sick of the grind, shoot some pool on our antique pool table, spin some vinyl from our collection, or challenge an Iron Yard coding student to a fierce game of ping pong. Disclaimer: coders take table tennis very seriously. INK waive's all responsibility for unsportsmanlike behavior, violence, or beast-mode fuckery incurred in the heat of ping pong battle. 


roof deck

We win the award for best elevator ever. Seriously, try to find a cooler one. 

INK "technically" has three floors, but the elevator goes to 11. When you see the Nashville skyline from the roof deck, you'll understand what we mean. On a nice sunny day, there's no better place to eat lunch or bang out some emails than the roof.

Speaking of lunch, INK is a short walk or drive from killer food, drink, retail, and entertainment options. Nearby neighbors include: Hot Diggity DogsThird Man RecordsCity Winery, Isle of PrintingTennessee Brew Works, Plaza Art Supply, Dandgure's Cafe, Mercy LoungeArnold's Country Kitchen, Peg Leg Porker, Frugal MacDoogal's, and lots of other shit. 

Quick access to interstates 40 & 65 is a breeze (two blocks away!) INK also isn't far from The Gulch, 8th Ave, the Wedgewood-Houston district, or Music Row. SoBro is so neighborly to The Gulch that the city is bringing us even closer with a pedestrian bridge that terminates at the end of Ewing Ave.


INK's Ecosystem of Awesome™ is the result of good vibes, great minds, and black magic.

Hustlers, visionaries, smart asses, boot-strappers, artists, and independent thinkers; INK is a sanctuary for smart people into making cool shit happen regardless of the status quo.

Make new friends @ INK and you'll be fist bumping artisan coffee roasters, an OG co-founder of Record Store Day, branded YouTube creators, metadata magicians, the hippest dev instructors ever, midnight songwriter circles, entrepreneurs, social media scientists, top shelf designers, and the type of people who always lend a lightning cord to the needy. 

All that we ask is to never feed the creatives after midnight.


Work at INK for one day for just $25!

See? Totally fucking reasonable. 

Don't play, you know you wanna try us out.

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